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Great 2011 Albums I Neglected To Mention: Pt. 1

Wild Flag - Wild Flag

They might look like your mom, but they probably rock quite a bit harder. And love Cyndi Lauper more.

Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

Strum-happy, super-chill slacker boy wants to be just like Neil Young when he grows up.

An Horse - Walls

Punchy electric guitar riffs back funky girl vocals in this perfectly adorable guy-gal duo. For fans of Tegan and Sara.

States - Room to Run

Frontwoman Mindy White is a true indie-rock diva, wailing fiercely and pitch-perfectly over rock-driven drums and guitars.

Yuck - Yuck

At times rowdy, at others drowsy, this album gives a distinctive take on lo-fi rock that’s not only actually listenable, but enjoyable.

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